Increases the pregnancy rate

Increases the pregnancy rate: By collecting in real time the temperature of the animal, and other values related to its behavior, artificial intelligence detects when the animal is entering a period of heat. Therefore, it allows synchronization of insemination services with greater accuracy. In addition, data collection over time allows these predictions to be made more and more accurately.

Increase in milk production

Increase in milk production: As the pregnancy rate increases, milk production also grows. In addition, the system allows monitoring other values that influence milk production, for example if the animal is feeding well (either in which area of the field it usually grazes, as well as the frequency with which it does), as well as How often you rest.

Prevents diseases

It prevents diseases, reduces mortality, reduces the use of antibiotics, and improves animal health: Reports strange habits and generates alarms that allow early detection of the disease principle, in order to reduce treatment costs and the possibility of death of the animal, and reducing the work of the operators.

Stress reduction

Stress reduction: HappyCow ™ sends stress alerts on the animal and suggestions for action, saving treatment costs and avoiding the decrease in milk production.